Nigeria suspends national team for poor World Cup performance


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Strange story...hope it hasn't been posted yet! Didn't look like it.

from: Nigeria suspends national team for poor World Cup - Dirty Tackle - World SoccerBlog - Yahoo! Sports

"Nigeria suspends national team for poor World Cup

By Brooks Peck

Nigeria lost its first two World Cup group stage matches but still came just one goal short of advancing with their draw against South Korea. As one of the more heavily favored African nations, the early elimination was certainly a disappointment. So how is Nigeria handling that disappointment?
From the BBC:
Nigeria's president has suspended his nation's football team from international competition for two years after a poor showing at the World Cup.
Special presidential adviser Ima Niboro told reporters the decision by Goodluck Jonathan will "enable Nigeria to reorganize its football."
He said: "This directive became necessary following Nigeria's poor performance in the ongoing World Cup."
Of course. How do you improve an underachieving team? Ban it from competing for two whole years. Spur them on to playing better by not allowing them to play at all. Maybe England should try that.
[Video: Photos: See Nigeria's early wins, injuries]
Now, FIFA probably won't like this given its distaste for government meddling in the national team, so maybe Nigeria should try suspending FIFA, too. It might work. I mean, how do you say no to a guy named Goodluck Jonathan?
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Crazy, isn't it? Like you say, how's a team supposed to improve with no competition for two years. I suppose there are ways Cameron could ban the England team from international football, if he really wanted to - but he'd be lynched the next time he sticks his nose out of number ten. The English people are patient, law-abiding and tolerant, when sober anyway. But don't ever even think of f***ing with their sport, football especially. Let that sleeping dog (or, in this instance, lion) lie.


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I agree with you guys, and I was shocked when I heard this news story a few days ago. This isn't a good way to punish your national team, they could find better ways to make this team better. This is definitely not smart on their end.


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They say it's a suspension but in reality just a couple of years that will be dedicated to training them instead of making them represent in intl games "half-baked". Either way, I'm surprised FIFA hasn't reacted yet, or maybe they did but I was under the rock these past days.

Our coach is out after the shameful performance in WC (and all the other games, lol), the head of French Football Federation also resigned and there's some kind of closed door hearings about the WC fiasco.

Fifa president Sepp Blatter has warned France may be banned from international football if its government interferes in the running of the national side.

So in the case of Nigeria, since govt interfered already...will FIFA sanction them? But what? With banning Nigeria from intl football? :lol: Oh so maybe that's why FIFA didn't say anything anymore.....
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I guess I just don't understand FIFA enough to make intelligent comments...I mean in NFL (American Football) if a coach is doing a poor job it's easily evident, through looking at playcalls, use of timeouts, etc. etc.

Is it that easy to tell when it's the coach and not players in futbol? : )


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I believe the ban has been lifted but it was a very harsh one if it actually went ahead.


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Why? The team is already disappointed they were unsuccessful so, why make it worst.......why rub salt in their exposed wound?