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Registered Member
Lex- short for Alexsis.
That's really the only one that's ever stuck, except for Lexi, but only my grandma calls me that.


The Hierophant
I have lots of nicknames. My name is Mikel Tibbetts so I've just about heard every version of Mike that you can think of. What's more interesting, though, is what people can do with the name Tibbetts. Tidbits. Tibbs, Tibby, Tibbles and bits (Kibbles and Bits), Big Ol' Tiggle Bitties. I've heard it all.

Generally, though, I just go by Mike or Mikey.


New Member
My main nickname is tc, which are my initials. everyone pronouces them tuh-cuh, which I quite like. Recently people have been calling me Top Cat, because tc was his nickname, too. I even have it on a t-shirt.


Registered Member
For years my brother has called me Scooby, some of our mutual friends have started calling me it as well, I have no idea why.
My aunt still calls me blue, I have been told its because I had really bright blue eyes at birth, even though they changed to a greeny brown (I think) not long after.


Embrace the Suck
Mostly just Rob or Bobby growing up. My dad used to call me "ahorita vengo" which means I'll be right back in Spanish because I used to open the front door and yell that and close the door before they could ask where I was going. My mom's family used to also call me "guero" (pronounced like weddle) or "el guerito" because that was my uncle's nickname and I resemble him so much.


Registered Member
I used to have lots,when i was little hehe i dont now (':
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