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I'm serious
Most people call me by my full name, Idali. Here on GF and at my previous company, my nickname is Idi, which some enduring variations of that (IdiOT by Bliss and IdiBok by Tucker).

My closest friends call me Dali and my dad and brother call me Dala.


Registered Member
Yeah, significant elses always wanna give me a new name. :lol: 2 years ago I was always getting nervous and switching tracks on the CD player and was given the nickname "Trax". Well, those things dont make me as nervous anymore but i still have the nickname and now another one, "Dekzper". But i def like that one better! :nod: Dekzper is a fictional dude but he is a lot like me so i guess that's why i was given that one. He's fast, cunning, and devious and yeah, that's def me. Well now only one calls me Trax and my other friends all call me Dekz or Dekzper and i def like that one better!
Oh, my mom just calls me Josh or Joshua (depends on her mood). My dad calls me Josh or (long list I DEF wont add to my post, grrrr)!
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Sally Twit
I get called Ams or Amos. One of my best friends calls me Ams and so does my manager. I don't mind it. However, with 'Amy' being so short I do wonder why people would change one letter.
Another name I get called at work is 'Amos'. That was started my someone I used to work with. She would say it so much that other people in my company picked up on it.

And of course the most important ones. Cakes or Blissycakes.
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Babeasaurus Sex
Kee, Keels, Kibi, KeeBEE, Leekey, Kiwi, Kibs

Other than variations of my name...

Beansprout (beanie), Bread and jam, number 1 child, donut, peeface and gigglesquirts :)


Well-Known Member
Lizzy, Elizadeth, El, Boo, Sphinxy and Ren depending on the group of friends i'm with. Oh, and my dad used to call me Pooh. Although generally I just get called Lauren, guess it's hard to shorten. Everyone at my local pub has started calling me Lauren-Squared though, because there is already a Lauren who goes there regularly. And the member CuriousGirl on here calls me Whoren.
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e̳̳̺͕ͬ̓̑̂ͮͦͣ͒͒h̙ͦ̔͂?̅̂ ̾͗̑
I get called all kinds of crazy crap w/ the letter D in it: Big D, D Money (after a spelling mishap on Yahoo), D Train, Big Honky D (my roommate is nuts), D Man, etc. That and my roommate's friends call me "Gibbons" for some ungodly reason. I've taken to ignoring that one and forcing them to scramble to try and recall my real name. That's pretty fun, actually. :)


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
lol @ Biz calling you Viper. Biz is one of the most win nicknames ever. I want to know the story behind it. Or maybe I don't, it would destroy the mystique and that would fail.
It's a long but funny story. I might tell you one day. Another funny thing about my nickname is that it's like a new character. I have my own blog about the Biz and his stories. They are real too, there's some parts that I do make up, but for the most part it's stories that happen to me. I might show you some of those too one day, but they're fairly private.


It's not me, it's you.
I guess most people call me Pam when my full name is Pamela. I am also called by my middle name by some of my family. Not sure if that would be considered a nickname or not.

My step dad used to call me Jokie when I was growing up. He still does on occasion.
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