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still nobody's bitch
Do you go by a nickname, or by your full real name? If you go by a nickname, is it a derivative of your real name, or something leftover from childhood, or just something random?
Most people do not call me by my full real name, most people just call me Di.

I have various other random nicknames. ysabel still calls me hooch, which is a derivative of my username at the site where we met. A few other friends from that site call me hooch as well.

There was a group of friends with whom I've since lost contact who all called me Blig (you may recognize that if you have me on YM) which was the result of a night of heavy drinking and smoking copious amounts of weed.
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Registered Member
My Mother named me Deborah when I was born......but somehow, somebody....started calling me Debbie, which I don't mind.
I do not like the nickname Deb......only one person has ever been allowed to call me that, and that is my Mother..she would call me that a lot in fact, I don't know why ~LoL~
I never told her I didn't care for it, but if someone else called me that, I put a stop to it.....so now, nobody calls me Deb anymore....I am just Debbie.
But when I sign legal papers or important papers, I sign them Deborah~
Oh and from time to time, I have been called Bitch....but ehh...that doesn't bother me either.
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yellow 4!
mine's obvious - Bex. I get called a couple of variations on my first name by different people, but that's the only true nickname.

Also one of my friends calls me worsley, and my cousin calls me rabbit. Feels like my parents both call me a different name every time they talk to me, but my mum's main one is ribena. I'm sure there's a few more specific ones I'm forgetting.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
All my friends call me Biz, Bizzy or Uncle Biz. It's very rare that they'll call me by my real name or even Mike. Even most of the active members here call me by my nickname. In all honesty, I love my nickname and I think it's the best nickname known to mankind :D


blue 3
Most people call me by my real name: Bryan, but there are quite a few people that call me "Nightcrawler."

It's one of those stupid little things that starts small and grows big. A friend and mine were joking one day and he held up his arms in an "X" and then we started joking that we were "x-brothers" which led to x-men names...so I got dubbed "night crawler"


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Unity calls me Millz in real life so there's that one. A lot of people at work will call me Kev or Kevy Kev (dorks) but that's about it.

Oh and one of my friends calls me "Klon." Don't ask, haha.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Haha I want to know about this "Klon."

Technically "Dan" is a nickname for Daniel, but other than that I'm not called by any of mine. Dirty Red is my favorite, lol. Long story behind it that I know I've told elsewhere.

Also, a lot of people on the site will call me Unity instead of Dan, which is just fine with me. If people think the word Unity actually represents me, I'm totally down. Oh and Biz calls me Viper, after a pro wrestler's nickname.


still nobody's bitch
lol @ Biz calling you Viper. Biz is one of the most win nicknames ever. I want to know the story behind it. Or maybe I don't, it would destroy the mystique and that would fail.


Growing up I had two major nicknames... Stuey (friends from school) & Jun-Jun (family). I haven't been called them in years, I rarely hang out with high school friends & thankfully 90% of the family stopped calling my Jun-Jun when I hit 18. Parts of me do miss it, but maybe I just miss being young? Yeah, probably that.


Registered Member
I actually have a full title christened to me by my big sister when I was little, but everyone in my family calls me Moo :) And then you have the nicknames from your other half like 'babe' or 'baby' you get the drift..lol. :lol: But he calls me Moo as well. I usually respond to anything haha :)
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