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Do you have a nickname in real life?

Would you change your nickname if you could?

Do you give others nicknames?

I don't really have one, just a shortened virsion of my christian name.

I do enjoy giving friends silly names but it's difficult to make them stick.


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Visa, as most people would know.

The story behind it is that my last name (Veza) Often gets mispronounced Visa, So eventually people just started calling me it and it caught on really quickly.

Whenever I meet somebody now a days I just tell them to call me Visa.

I would never change it, Since I love it. It caught on well here too:)
The only nickname I have that people use a lot is Bex. I don't have any silly ones :lol:

Oh except my mum calls me 'Ribena' and my cousin calls me 'Rabbit' .. simply because my first name begins with an R.. clever ones aren't they :lol::lol:


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I was unfortunate enough to get stuck with two different nicknames,from two separate family members the day i was born,
My aunt has called me blue from the first time she saw me,i apparently had piercing blue eyes at birth,they later changed,but she still calls me that to this day.

I was also nicknamed spike because i was born with around 5 inches of hair that stuck straight up, no matter what my mum tried to do with it!.
My nan took one look at me and i was spike to her till the day she passed away.

Now i only hve to put up being called blue.


I've had a few.

Kanye Wes ~ because I wore a lot of gold jewellery and people called me a gangsta, and Kanye West was becoming popular at the time.

50 Pence ~ same reason as above, just changed to English currency

J-Bomb ~ Again, it's a hip-hop themed name.


I am the woolrus
My username was a nickname for me at one point but it didn't really catch on fully. My main nickname is 'scrumpy' or the longer version 'Scrumpy Lungs McCracken', but that one is a little long!

Oh and 'Wall-E' but that's just a Bliss thing :p


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People call me Katie because I was at a camp once with friends, and I accidentally said my name was katie, not kristine.

It stuck.