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Any Nickelback fans here??
If so, what are some of their songs you the best??


Problematic Shitlord
I have to say . . . I hate everything they did after their first album. They just became so stale and repetitive after their first CD. That being said, my favorites are "Never Again" and "Too Bad".


I've actually liked a few of their CDs, but I hated the last one. I'm hoping the newer one is better... but who knows. Cons posted a couple of my favorites, I'd add Fight For All The Wrong Reasons & Should've Listened. I usually only listen to them when I'm thinking about a past relationship. Haha.
Oh & Someday. That's probably my favorite.
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A Darker Knight
Nickelback just lost originality. I mean they have a nice tune but it's pretty generic. I think that's why their older stuff tends to be better. It was just done earlier. haha And then they tried to add some pop elements or something and it was just bad.

It's sad too cause they've got a pretty big influence in the canadian music industry and a lot of potentially good rock bands have a nickelback brand to them.


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The only tune I can stand by Nickelback is Figured You Out. Everything else just...bores me. I honestly just find their music boring. Every song by them sounds the same.


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I actually like their CD "Dark Horse" the best.
A couple of my favorite songs by them is Never Gonna Be Alone and I love the video of Gotta Be Somebody.
I have to admit tho, a lot of their songs do sound the same, but I have discovered that with a great many groups~


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The very first song I heard by Nickelback was Rockstar and I hated it!
Then, I liked them as I heard more and more of their songs ~LoL~