Nicholas Cage...


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My friend and I have found an old photo... Looks alot like Nicholas Cage but we havent found any younger photos of him... Can anyone kinda point us in the right direction for a better search?

I did some image searches already for "Yearbook Photo Nicholas Cage" and "young Nicholas Cage" ...

Anyone have a site that maybe has some younger photos of today's celebrities?


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Yes he was in Valley girl, saw it a million times back when having a satellite dish was basically free (the channels, not the dish lol). He had HUGE black bushy eyebrows and a bad dye job in that movie.

Now.. I can't stand it any longer... Tania, is that avatar really you? or is it a pic of barbies face. LOL. I can't tell and I keep looking at it like a chicken looking at a worm.



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Cage is cool. I like Gone in 60 seconds. He married someone that is much younger than him. I think she is like in her early 20's. But I'm sure she's not complaining. If some celebrity ask me to marry them, I'd be like let's do it now.


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It took me a while to resize my pic... it was a picture from my birthday last November when I turned 26... my friends all surprised me at a local pub we go to... here is the original pic...



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Scanning it in now, 600 dpi enough lol

How large can an attachment be?

Ok, I scanned it in... and put it side by side to the one that helpisontheway posted.

We noticed that Meester Cage has a very distinctive left ear... The ears certainly match.

Ok, so the photo is in our possession so we have rights to it correct?...

Umm... where's the attach photo thingie?
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When you are making a post scroll down to manage attachments and click on it then browse for your file then click upload and you should have it... the system will let you know if the file is the OK size...