Nice to meet you everyone.I'm new here.

Nice to meet you, everyone. I'm so happy to join this forum. I hope we can make friends.


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Hey, Sallylily! Welcome to the forums.

I get the feeling that English is not your first language.. I'm sure you'll pick it up quick while you're here.

Have fun!
yes, you are right. English is not my mother language. But can you tell me why you get that feeling?

And I believe I can get my English improved here.


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Not to be rude, just helpful;

You said "I hope we can make friends."

You were probably trying to say, "I hope we can be friends."

And again, welcome to GF!
thanks, Twitch. I just want to be friendly, not rude. Maybe I have some problem in expressing my idea in English. I will try to get it improved.

Anyway, we are now friends, right?


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Based off the avatar I'd guess somewhere in the continent of Asia but what do I know haha

So how did you find us?

Let me know if you have any questions...or any of the other moderators.
So happy to meet so many nice guys here. yes, Millz, I'm from Asia, from China. what do you think of China? I guess you must have never been here.
And I found you from google.