nice guys finish last


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ok it's a very old cliche, 'nice guys finish last' and 'the jerk always gets the girl'! do you believe it though?

guys: have you encountered this before? do you ever think a girl isn't interested because you're too nice? or do we have any over-sexed assholes here? :p

girls: WHY do so many girls say they're looking for 'nice guys' but then go off with total douchebags? and which do you find you're more attracted to? (honestly now!)


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That cliche is probably based off something in the past. Or some cliche based on that other thing, about a guy being a girl's friend as opposed to a boyfriend. Most guys are usually in it for the pleasure. Or it could be that a girl would go for a douche-bag than a nice guy because the douche-bag is more popular, better, some reputation, etc.
Nowadays, most girls like nice guys. Hence, this situation.
Guy says hi to girl, and girl likewise. Go out with each other. Over time, fall in love. then their relationship increases as time goes on.
In some cases, nice guys usually comfort that girl in times in grief, which ends up in a sexual situation.
Overall, girls like nice guys greatly as opposed to total douche-bags. I've never met any girl that actually liked total douche-bags. They would usually ditch the guy and go find someone that actually cares about them as opposed to finding people who would only use them as tools for sexual pleasure.


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The original quote was talking about baseball, but there is a stereotype that girls are attracted to the "bad boys".

And there is definite truth to it - so called "bad boys" tend to come across as more confident, etc. Also, the feeling of him being sort of taboo can add to the appeal.

That's not to say that "nice guys" don't also have a lot of qualities that females like, and if they're confident too, so much the better.


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In my experiences, i have seen more than my fare share of woman who give props to the rule. Nice guys do finish last, but they finish the best the problem is that woman who say they like nice guys end up dumping them only to go out with douche bags. It's this past experience where they have been hurt before and close up so when a guy that very much is Mr.right comes along he can't get in her heart because she locked it up. what's worse is the girls that do go out with "bad-ass" types go out with the thought that they could change them. witch doesn't work becuase it the person themselves that need to do the changing. However the nice guys are the ones that wait, and continue to cherish, and are supportive to the S/O's . After all the girls go with a=holes, the ones that are left are to truly good ones, the ones that beleived and the ones that have it all.


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My experience is that nice guys often finish last. I consider myself a pretty nice guy, for the most part, and have been told so on many occasions. Although I've had girlfriends and dated...even nearly got married once, there have been a lot of occasions where I didn't get the girl. I have no idea whether or not she chose some jerk over me, but my theory from experience is that girls or women a lot of times think they want the "bad boy" (and I define that rather broadly). Eventually, they find out they don't...usually. That comes with experience, though.
Simply not true! :)

By me being nice and not like most guys (an ass) I've gotten the girl I've been waiting for. :nod: I treat her right, henceforth, she treats me right... ;)
My take on this whole situation is, who finishes? If ur not dead, your not done, the only thing constant is change. If you gave up, or are not willing to give it another chance then nice guy or not, you weren't commited. lasting relationship, well they last.


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I used to think that people deserved a second chance so would end up going out with bad boys.
Only if they already seemed to be making improvements and already wanted to turn their lives around.
But I grew up and realised they had a bad reputation for a reason. :-/

The good boys always took too long to actually say how they felt and by then I didn't see them ''that'' way, just as a friend.
For me personally, crossing that frienship boundary would feel kinda incestuous for want of a better word, so it was a no go after a certain point.

My Fiance is fantastic and a great bloke though.
Maybe if I hadn't been with so many idiots I wouldn't have appreciated him so much, who knows.

I think it does turn out well in the end for good people though. :nod: