Hockey NHL team in Vegas?


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I've heard quite a bit of discussion lately about a possible expansion team going to Las Vegas. To me, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense and there are plenty of other cities that would probably be a better fit for a professional hockey team (Canada, hello?).

FiveThirtyEight has a good write up for why it's a terrible idea.

Our 2013 analysis estimated that there are just 91,000 NHL fans in metro Las Vegas. That’s tiny even by comparison to the six smallest NHL markets that I mentioned before, which have between 146,000 (Nashville) and 279,000 (Tampa) hockey fans. And it’s well below Seattle’s 241,000 or Quebec City’s 530,000 fans.
I'd be fine with a hockey team in Las Vegas. I'd also really like to see one in Seattle. Maybe move the Panthers and Coyotes to those places?


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There's two sides to this. Could an NHL team in Las Vegas make money? Yes. I would predict sellouts all the time. People going just to bet on the game, people going just to go etc. If I ever went to Vegas, an NHL game would definitely be a part of the trip if it were an option, and I'm sure lots of other Vegas bound hockey fans too. It could become yet another thing to do in vegas, another thing to bet on etc. The revenue could be tremendous.

On the other hand, there are places far more deserving of a team and would be far more appreciative. Places like Seattle, Quebec, Kansas etc, where the hockey spirit is more alive.

Vegas would be all about the money and the glamour and that's not what hockey is about. It'd be kind of appalling if they got a team. Financially its probably a god send, but money should never be the motivation for anything. Ever.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
With the crowds they get at Seahawks and Sounders games, I really want Seattle to get an NHL team. Of course I'm never opposed to more teams in Canada, but I think the fan support in Seattle would be incredible.


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There might be 2 expansion bids coming from Seattle. One from Hansen, the other from the guy building an arena in Tukwila. Las Vegas is bidding - they have 13,500 deposits for season tickets. Quebec is bidding. The bid from Quebec is coming from a company that is already a work partner with the NHL for the next 11 years. Rather stupid to not award Quebec with a team. August 10th is the deadline for applying...


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I'd be excited to see a new NHL city in the mix no matter what it is. The return of the Nordiques would be fun, but as a Missouri fan I'd love to see Kansas City getting the Scouts back. I think Seattle feels like the most likely city which would be fine.


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Only a couple weeks left until I am right with what I said to nordiques fans bagdering coyotes fan on Twitter. I told them they would could their team in 2015; expansion.