NHL suspends Stars' Avery indefinitely

Discussion in 'Hockey' started by Babe_Ruth, Dec 2, 2008.

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    LMFAO... The NHL sorta went a little insane on this if you ask me. I already dissaprove of a lot of things todays NHL does. To me it seems they are trying to market a product to a market that doesnt even give a shit about the product. Hahaha Me personally I've said the same thing he has about his past girlfriends. I mean the guy catches some high class trim, he knows it! He's cocky, and overconfident, what do you expect from People Magazines "Sexiest Man Alive" This kind of thing is almost expected of him.

    One thing is for certain.. he was in Calgary... I guarantee 100% that his comments were meant for nothing more than Firing up Phaneuf. He's in his head now I would bet the ranch on it. And I agree with you Babe... the NHL should have let him play this one just so Dion could have pummeled him. But noooo Big Brother Buttman had to go and intervene.

    for those who dont know what he said:
    "I'm really happy to be back in Calgary, I love Canada," started Avery before smirking.
    "I just wanted to comment on how it's become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don't know what that's about. But, enjoy the game tonight."
  3. Babe_Ruth

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    He shouldn't of said this on live television, I guarantee it was planned, and he was just waiting for a camera to say it.

    Players say bad things to each other all the time, but it's usually on the ice and that's where Avery should of said it.
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    Hahaha Oh I know I know but hey... I bet if someone had a live clicker it'd be overloaded by now at all the google/yahoo hits for "What did Avery Say!!!!!". I mean you gotta give it to the guy, he's probably stirred more NHL attention than Sidney Crosby has in the last 3 years :hah: Like they say Bad Attentions sometimes better than No Attention!

    And I agree... it was a chicken shit thing to say in front of the NHL Crowd, but come on are you telling me you've never talked to your buddies and said: "Man I wouldnt mind taking some of Tootoo or Avery's sloppy Seconds!" :innocent:

    Also heres why I'm a little disgruntled about the NHL interaction here. The NHL has already showed its nothing but a dried up no fun league anymore, so when I hear comments like this the very last attachment I make is to the NHL. I hear comments like this and I'm thinking "Oh jeeze what did Avery do now!". Its not like every other player in the league is doing things like this, I mean we're not the NBA....
  5. Turbo

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    LOL. I think its crazy that the league has indefinately suspended him for verbal remarks when guys have been head hunting over the least year or so and they only get a few games. Avery, could, fight the league legally using the first amendment as his entire arguement.
  6. Millz

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    I heard Avery was suspended and they made it out to sound like he did something so terrible it would blow my mind. Then I read his comments and read the entire article and was left wondering where the bad comments were. I then find out it was the sloppy seconds remark.

    Can someone tell me why that was such a bad thing to say?
  7. Jeanie

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    I think it's hilarious (what he said, not that he was suspended). I love that guy. Too bad they didn't keep him in Detroit a little longer so Chelios could temper his rough edges.
  8. Millz

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    I mean suspend indefinitely over something so minor as this? I'm with you Jeanie, I love this guy. He makes hockey more interesting and they should market this clown.

    Nobody cares about Calgary vs Dallas and the only thing worth watching they suspended. Had he'd played that woulda been a game I'd be interested in seeing. Instead that pussy out and suspend him...1st amendment...apparently not.
  9. Babe_Ruth

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    It's offensive to every woman watching that interview, that's why he got suspended. I'm surprise that you didn't find that offensive at all Jeanie. Also one of the reasons why I believe he's gotten suspended for this is because he got off with slap on the wrist for so many other things, that the NHL had to draw the line somewhere.

    Sorry but I think he deserved the get suspended.
  10. icegoat63

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    Exactly what I preach all the time!

    Sean Avery is more important to the NHL than players like Sidney Crosby. Yeah Crosby scores goals and makes pretty highlight reels for youtube, but Players like Avery, Parros, and Belak are the ones that put the Fans in the stands!

    I mean I can think back to the Leafs of the 90's and early 00's... do you know the first player that comes to mind? #28 Tie Domi. Even though a team as famed as the Leafs had star players like Mats Sundin, Gary Roberts, Alexandre Mogilney, Doug Gilmore, Wendel Clark, the list goes on and on of great players who have wore the Blue/White during my time.... But Tie Domi is the only one I ever cared enough about to remember.

    This type of phenomenon should mean somethign to the NHL Marketing Department.... but instead they want to make some BS Family Friendly show that no one gives a damn about in Real Life.
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