NHL: Russia says "Stop Robbing Us!"

Discussion in 'Hockey' started by icegoat63, Aug 18, 2008.

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    Alexander Radulov certainly sounds as if he has no regrets about bolting the Nashville Predators and creating an international incident by signing with Salvat Ufa of the Kontinental Hockey League despite having a valid NHL contract.

    Insisting he's broken no rules, Radulov has already played three exhibition games with his new club. The rising star painted himself as a patriot returning home, signalling a return to prominence for Russian hockey in a question-and-answer session this week with Russian reporters.

    "The NHL for 15 years has brought young players from Europe, first and foremost from Russia," according to a translation in Russianprospects.com. "I think that it is time to end this. Simply put: (It's) time to stop robbing us."

    The International Ice Hockey Federation is reviewing Radulov's status and has indicated that the player, his team and his league may face sanctions if it's ruled his rights are still owned by the Nashville Predators.

    Radulov could be suspended from international play. So could his team and even the Russian Federation.

    Szymon Szemberg, spokesperson for the IIHF, told the Star he expected a decision on Radulov next week.

    Radulov says he agreed to terms with Salvat on June 25 while he was on vacation, and signed the deal July 8. Word of his signing wasn't announced until July 11. Those dates are apparently important.

    It was on July 10 that the NHL, IIHF and representatives of Russian hockey emerged from a meeting in Zurich with a deal not to poach players under contract while all sides agreed to work toward a more formal transfer agreement.

    (The old agreement collapsed over the winter as other European countries followed Russia's lead in balking at the $200,000 U.S. transfer fee.)

    So Salvat contends Radulov was signed before the Zurich meeting, and therefore Russian hockey is not in violation.

    "I completely agree with the position of my new club: During the signing of the contract there was no agreement between the NHL and the KHL," said Radulov. "If we didn't violate any rules, what is there to punish for?"

    Radulov to NHL: `Stop robbing us'

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    I laugh when they say stop robbing us. The Russian players that get drafted by the NHL want to play in the United States. They make the decision of leaving.

    I personally don't understand why Radulov would go back home to play, I guess he rather play in his home country.
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    lmao but the odd thing was he has a contract for both nations leagues now. The guy is double dipping big time!

    I posted this in its own thread because I thought it was kinda significant in the sense that Russia seems to be really trying to build up a strong respectable Hockey League over there.

    Question is, how long do you think before possible NHL'ers will start heading to Russia instead of playing on North American Ice?

    hahhaa could this possibly be another WHA type thing?
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    I'm sure that a lot of NHL players will be playing in Russia in a couple of seasons. Especially Russians. I don't see major players going though. Players like Malkin and Ovechkin.

    Supposely a Russian team was interested in Malkin, but he refuse to go. I think players like him know the best competetion is in the NHL. So as of right now, there's no point in playing in Russia.
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    This is incredible for hockey on the international face! you know that icegoat, and in Russia."WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT CORPORATE SUPPORT" if this all pans just right in a few year the Russian Continental league will be giving the NHL competition at the draft! Young Phenoms will be heading to Europe instead of North America.. We'll have a World Cup of Clubs from all over the world, other countries will get the money to create big clubs, sign big players.. something like what Europe has with soccer.. oh and did I mention International Hockey will be just as competitive as International soccer.. and by that I mean it won't always be the same 5 teams winning games.

    This will all happen by the year 2127.

    nah but.. having an elite european club will be great for the NHL.. let Europe keep their European players, they're ruining out fair North American game.

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