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NHL Realignment


Registered Member
Bad realignment. The NHL/CBC/NBC want a structure more based on time zones. They do not want someone in the East having to stay up until 1AM on a Tuesday night to watch their team play Edmonton. This realignment is built around TV deals and time zones. Also, travel schedules. Less miles travelled = less money spent on travel = more revenue in owners pockets. Anyway, their current realignment also sucks. The Metropolitan division gets favourable travel treatment. They should just call it "Take the bus division".

If it were I making these calls. Columbus and Carolina would move in the Atlantic from the Metropolitan. Tampa Bay and Florida would move into the Metropolitan from the Atlantic.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
This is constructive criticism my friend.

Doesn't work on any level, the uneven number of divisions makes the playoffs a mass of confusion. Also, it invites huge issues in terms of travel with divisions spread out through multiple time zones. It is easier to do the north/south travel as opposed to west/east because you stay within one or two time zones, as opposed to three. Also, if you stick the original six in their own division, you will piss off fan bases that are used to seeing the Maple Leafs or the Bruins or the Black Hawks three or four times a year and that's the only time they go to the rink, some of those teams count on those games, charging more for those tickets than say another game against the Columbus Blue Jackets.


New Member
More constructive criticism!

SJF, you're my favourite blog to read, but I think you've lost your mind. The NHL would not, in a million years, put Ottawa/Buffalo and Edmonton/Calgary in the same division. You also say emphasis on intra-divisional play. You also say they should have pretty much the same travel demands. I don't get how the Original Six division, which spans the two time zones (MTL/TOR/BOS/DET/NYR, and CHI), and the east, which is the same time zone for all, would have the same travel demands as the North, which spans three. From a Leafs fan POV, I get why you would think this would be the best. But, the NHL doesn't do that.


New Member
Fair enough. I'll stick to stick ball.

Just really wanted an original 6 division and went from there. Fuck time zones.

I'm not really a (nhl) hockey fan... but Go Leafs!...and Habs! ...and Oilers! and Flames! and Jets! ...but fuck the Senators and Canucks.


The return shall be legenday!
It is important to eastern time zone teams to be in the eastern conference. If there is ever expansion that happens to be in the eastern time zone, then someone will have to move west, but that is a maybe that is not here yet. Putting florida teams in with Canadian teams is good for them, because of the large canadian fan base located in florida, especially in the winter months
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