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Discussion in 'Hockey' started by icegoat63, Jul 15, 2008.

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    I know there really isnt a whole lot of stress over Preseason games, but to be honest I have always enjoyed them. Lots of young players trying to make the big club, tons of flashy yet semi-careless play. But best of all are the locations! So far I've got a few confirmed places that some NHL Clubs will be visiting, for instance:

    So with all of these Pre-Season games being played in the minor league markets, what do you all feel or think about that? Basically in a nutshell, how do you feel about Pre-Season games? Good Or Bad?

    I recall attending a Sharks/Ducks game 2 seasons ago that was played here in town at the Save Mart Center (Fresno, California) and I absolutely loved it. I dont naturally live in an NHL town, we have Pro Hockey, but its ECHL. SO to see the NHL clubs actually playing in my hometown was an ultimate blast.

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    I like watching pre-season games, because it gives me a chance to watch the Canadiens prospects. It shows who has a chance to make the NHL in a couple of years and you get a chance to watch recent draft picks.

    I personally find pre-season really entertaining, all those young kids try to make the big club so they leave everything on the ice.
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    What really made the PreSeason game I went to extra fun for me was the fact it was the very first NHL game I'd ever gone to! Almost immedietly after that however I ended up going to San Jose a couple times during their season to catch some games.

    I am a huge fan of the Preseason games and do NOT think they should go anywhere. I have heard talk about how they are unfair to the fan and the time spent playing them should just be converted to regular season. Thats all crap if you ask me.

    Also... this is my 1000th post, I think by now MJ I'm sure I've contributed enough to your referral limit. Thanks for the invite to this site, obviously I enjoy it here.
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    I hate the pre season, and I'll tell you why. In 2002-2003 Montreal had the best record in the pre-season.. but missed the playoffs that year. I never pay attention to the pre-season, it's worthless play. The teams don't even try their best.. the best players aren't even on the roster.. the prospects make an impression but who take it into much consideration if the other teams may not be giving it their all.
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    There's a reason why reason why the best players don't play all the time, first the pre-season is one to get back into hockey shape and second is to see how your prospects fair against NHL talent, it helps the management to evaluate, who's ready to be called up if needed and who's not ready for the NHL just yet.

    I believe the pre-season is a very important time for the NHL clubs. IT helps in a lot of different ways, and just trust me those rookie play there hearts out everytime they step onto the ice during pre-season play.

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