Hockey NHL Playoffs 2019


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Who you got in the first round? My picks...

Blues over Jets in 7
Predators over Stars in 6
Sharks over Golden Knights in 6
Flames over Avalanche in 5

Lightning over Blue Jackets in 4
Maple Leafs over Bruins in 7 (gonna be an awesome series)
Hurricanes over Capitals in 7
Islanders over Penguins in 7
So excited the playoffs are finally back.

I got...

Blues OVER Jets in 6
Predators OVER Stars in 5
Knights OVER Sharks in 6
Flames OVER Avalanche in 5

Lightning OVER Blue Jackets in 4
Leafs OVER Bruins in 7
Capitals OVER Hurricanes in 6
Penguins OVER Islanders in 6
Pretty shocking first round.

Lightning getting swept has to be one of the biggest choke jobs in all of sports.
Penguins getting the same treatment wasn't as big, but still pretty surprising.

The Sharks are being the Sharks again. I'll be happy when they get the boot next game.
Well 1 out of 2 of my favorite teams are still in the playoffs the teams are the Pittsburgh Penguins and the other is the Columbus Bluejackets. . . . . . .
A Sharks/Blues/Canes/Jackets final four would be fabulous. Which means it absolutely won't happen. Haha. The Stars or Bruins will probably fuck it up. Ugh.


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How bout them Blues? Ben Bishop...sorry buddy. This team is amazing right now.

Also, what can you say about Jordan Binnington? The dude is a robot.