NHL bans Coyotes' winger for leaping off bench to fight


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meh... I'm gonna admit (unsurprisingly) that I'm a fan of the Bench Brawls. There wasnt a happier time the other season than the one when the Senators brawled with the Sabres. I mean come on Goalie fights! GOALIE FIGHTS!!!!!

I understand theres a fine line here between absolute goonery and a good game of hockey. So I suppose here that a 2 game suspension is generally ok. But thing is without the first guy clearing the bench we wont see players following him, hahaha so in a sense I sorta commend him for trying to start the brawl lol


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i give him credit for jumping to defend his fellow player but its better to let those on the ice handle things unless someone from the opposition jumps off the bench which would then make it fair game.