NHL All-Star Game 1/27 6ET on Versus

Discussion in 'Hockey' started by NewGamePlus, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. NewGamePlus

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    Ok, I know this post is probably going to be near-obsolete because not everyone has Versus (I had to add it on as an extra to my cable package even though I'm near the Sharks' city), but the NHL All Star game is going to be on tomorrow and I'm going to watch. Not sure if I want to say in or go somewhere for it, but I'll see it. I think I've missed the last 2 because they just sorta snuck up on me.

    The skills competition was tonight and it was awesome. They really modified the events to maximize the entertainment parts. Like with the breakaway they had judges judging for style so that people don't just go in like a normal shootout, and the surprise was that people actually scored. I didn't think it would work because usually when players try to do stuff that's fancy, it ends up failing miserably more often than not, and even though sometimes that did happen, the success rate was still pretty damn high.

    The only disappointment I had this time was that it looked like they scrapped the "pass and score" event (unless I missed it while I was in the shower or something). I really liked that event because the first year they came out with it was the one where I had just done an exact replica of it for one of my early film projects, so it was kinda neat thinking that somehow someway they saw it and ripped me off. :D
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  2. Babe_Ruth

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    I'm going to watch the game as well, I don't have Vursus but I live in Canada so it plays on CBC for Canadians. The skills competetion was fairly good, I loved the accuracy challenge and the hardest shot. I don't like how they changed the fastest skater event, they should of made it the way it was before, way more entertaining. The shootout was pretty good, especially the end, but I expected a little more from those players who partipated. With that being said, it should be a good All Star game and the skills competetion was pretty entertaining.
  3. NewGamePlus

    NewGamePlus Registered Member

    It was a good game. Nabokov was perfect in his period and the only perfect goalie in the game. Osgood was the flop goalie this year; there's always one. I thought it was going to be Nabokov because I see him play all the time with the Sharks and he always overlooks the easy stuff, but he didn't bring that with him tonight. He seems to always bring much more to the big stages like he did in the Olympics.
  4. Babe_Ruth

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    The game was pretty fun to watch, some good moves from a lot of skilled players. The NHL has a lot of young talent and they showcase that last night. I'm glad my boy Andrei Markov of the Canadiens played well, I know he had an early giveaway that led to a goal, but he redeemed himself by scoring one. Good game overall.
  5. icegoat63

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    I didnt expect much from the all star game as usual. They are always the same. The skills competition was fun, thats about the only highlight I enjoy about this time of year when it comes to the NHL.

    However, the breakaway competition. I really felt that the players were lackluster in their performances. Do me a favor, look up Rob Schremp on youtube.... once you've seen that kind of stick handling you'll understand where Im coming from. The guy is a 3rd-4th liner for edmonton struggling for a roster position yet he has hands that would make Midas jealous!
  6. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    I've seen highlights of Rob Schremp, the guy is amazing that he's not playing for the big club on a consistent basis, the guy can do anything with a puck, and I would of loved to see him in the breakaway challenge, he probably would of won it, he doesn't score all the time, but he pulls out some ridiculous moves.
  7. Millz

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    I still don't understand why this game is on versus. Put it on NBC for crying out loud.
  8. icegoat63

    icegoat63 Son of Liberty V.I.P. Lifetime

    its all money issues. The NHL's contract with Versus has certain "highlight" games that are supposed to be aired on their station. This is what happens when interest in hockey drops so low that ESPN wasnt making money off of the product, now we get stuck with what used to be OLN but is now Vs.

    It'll be alright, if I understand the contract is getting close to being up. We'll see how well the NHL Executives handles that situation.

    However I do agree with you. It is quite simple if you think about it. The NHL needs new fans to support itself in the USA, so why not make the games accessible by all people? Put the games on sitcom tv instead of programming people have to pay for. But they are a business just like any other business...gotta make money somehow!

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