NFL Week 6


Sultan of Swat
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Barkley is just a machine. Defenders could not bring him down. I hate the Giants, but man oh man, he was fun to watch last night.


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I love that we got Eli face so soon into the game too. And an Odell meltdown. This game had it all

Let's just ignore Saquon Barkley and how good he is. Can you imagine how good he'd been behind a good O-Line?
Barkley is the real deal. It was fun watching him run all over our defense and I'm an Eagles fan.

Eli's face by the middle of the second quarter was a thing of beauty.
They should trade for Tyrod Taylor. Dude can't have a high asking price. He's not the greatest and he's a little fragile but at this point almost anything is an upgrade on Eli.

They should also definitely trade for Bortles. Haha.