NFL Week 6


Sultan of Swat
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Eagles-Giants Thursday night should be interesting to gauge just how much trouble the defending champs are in. Chiefs vs. Patriots should be an interesting game.

Can Browns make it two in a row at home against Chargers?
I think Eagles will win. I mean, it's the Giants after all. Haha.

Browns will win. Because... Why not?

Chiefs won't embarrass the Pats this time but they'll come out on top.


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If the Eagles lose to the Giants I will probably sink into a state of despair. However, with how badly our secondary is playing, it is certainly possible.

I keep hoping the offense will show up. Maybe run the ball and then when they stack the box go to pass. A little misdirection and trickery. You know, what works.


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Agreed. He still managed to torch us every time he plays us too.

If the D line continues to play as it has and the offense steps it up I think that'll be enough against the giants. I keep telling myself that Wentz and Jeffery are still in preseason mode so fingers crossed they shake that rust off soon.