NFL Week 6


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Jay Fucking Cutler led a team to victory, at Atlanta. Because you know, that happens still.
Reversing that Seferian-Jenkins touchdown was one of the worst calls I have ever seen. Hot garbage.

And Rodgers going down is huge. That's a bummer.


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Miami is dysfunction junction. They're even worse than Oakland, and that's saying something. The ex coach is a cocaine addict ( It's 2017. Who the hell SNORTS cocaine anymore?) and their lead quarterback is a wash-out. Yet they win on the road in Atlanta?

I think the bigger news would be Atlanta at this point. I thought they had a good organization.


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Sign the Petition

Eagles fan started a petition to stop the ref, Pete Morelli, from officiating Eagles games.

Over the last four games that he has officiated that the Eagles were playing in, the Eagles were flagged a total of 40 times for 396 yards, while the Eagles opponent in those games were flagged a mere 8 times for 74 yards.

To me, the most obvious was Blount being thrown to the ground, after the whistle, right at a referee's feet.
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