NFL Week 5


Sultan of Swat
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Patriots should destroy the Colts on Thursday.

Falcons-Steelers, Jaguars-Chiefs, Vikings-Eagles look to be the top match ups. Cowboys-Texans on Sunday night, and Redskins-Saints on Monday. The latter could be a good match up. You never know with Washington.
I think he will look even more human against them but still manage to walk away with the W.

That's definitely the matchup I am most looking forward to.


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Eagles are 2-3, which puts them half a game out of first place in the entirely shit-tastic NFC East.


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Was it the NFC south the other year that made the playoffs without a winning record? Maybe we can be that cool too...
Pretty sure one time the Seahawks won the NFC West with a 7-9 record...may have been 8-8 but I think it was a losing record.