NFL: Week 2


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Hoping the Cowboys win and help my Chiefs at the same time by beating the Broncos. The Eagles won't be a breeze for the Chiefs, but I'm feeling pretty good because were at home and the defense should thrive.

The Packers have a decent challenge against Atlanta, but Aaron Rodgers is unreal indoors. Should be a great Sunday night matchup.

Also glad the Bucs are finally playing. I'm banking on Jameis Winston having a good performance in one of my fantasy leagues.


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I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Romo as well. He knows his stuff.


Change the World
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Chiefs won, and Travis Kelce can fly. Who knew?!

Also happy at the Bucs' win, but wish the Packers and Cowboys could have done the same. Especially since the Cowboys were playing the Broncos. :mad:


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The Giants sure look like a dumpster fire this season. i almost feel sorry for them having to come play our home opener. Eli is going to have a bad day.