NFL: Week 13


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Russell Wilson is amazing. Eagles had a very poor showing, especially on offense. Wentz leads the league in fumbles. Not good. I hope having a home game in LA and crushing the Rams is next up in the cards.


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I don't remember Trevathan's incident. How bad was it? Was it his first offense? Maybe they took that into account with Gronk? I don't know, the NFL is pretty horrible at handing out punishments. So who really knows. Haha.
Here's the hit:

Trevathan didn't have a history of being a dirty player before that.
Ah, yes. I remember that hit now. It's a very good point. They should definitely try to be a little more consistent.

That's great news about Shazier. I was pretty damn sure I watched a man get paralyzed last night on my TV.