NFL: Week 13


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I don't think Eli is the problem!
Anyone hear if Brown is playing tomorrow night? The Steelers need him - big game.
I really cringed watching the Bills/Patriots game today!
Yeah, he should be suspended. Had he been thrown out of the game right after the hit, he'd probably only get a fine.

As a Pats fan, I say suspend him two or three games! Hahaha.


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Man...the Giants. LOL. What is happening over there.

Gronk definitely needs to get a game or two for that. I thought maybe Suh was playing for the Patriots for a second there.
I don't remember Trevathan's incident. How bad was it? Was it his first offense? Maybe they took that into account with Gronk? I don't know, the NFL is pretty horrible at handing out punishments. So who really knows. Haha.