NFL: Week 11


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The Bills decide to bench Tyrod Taylor, for rookie Nathan Peterman. No, I have checked, he is not related to the one and only J. Peterman from Seinfeld.

In all seriousness, I don't get this move at all. Bills are a 5-4 team in the middle of the playoff hunt, and they're going to an untested rookie to lead them.


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Huge game for Philly and Dallas. I am hoping the Eagles stick a fork in the Cowboys and basically eliminate them from playoff hopes this weekend.

Every game this season "is the most important game of the season" Good teams are dangerous and bad teams are a trap.

The Eagles seem to keep winning and winning decisively. With Lee out, the Cowboys are just not good on defense. With Zeke out their offense becomes pedestrian. I think the Eagles win by 25.

Eagles 42 - Dallas 17


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I was expecting a destruction, and there it was.
The first half was so close - the Eagles had one good drive and nothing. Lost our kicker. I was afraid it had turned into a trap game.

Ajayi was a great pickup, Especially since we get him for a 4th rounder that we get from New England for having Eric Rowe on their bench.