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NFL Stops Using Pink Penalty Flags


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Last season, an 11-year-old boy convinced the NFL to use pink penalty flags for one game as part of its breast cancer awareness initiative.

This year, the league decided to use the pink penalty markers throughout its October campaign, but after the hankies drew the ire of fans and broadcasters alike on Sunday, the NFL has decided to shelve the idea going forward.
I was wondering why so many of the football players were wearing pink around their shoes yesterday. I guess the color pink didn't fit too well for football fans.:lol:

NFL will not use pink penalty flags for Week 6 - ESPN
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I don't mind all the pink and on some teams, I actually really like it. But the pink flags were too much.


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Penalty flags are supposed to be easy to spot on the field, but with pink towels and pink shoes all over the place there was just too much confusion with the pink penalty flags.


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I don't mind all the pink and on some teams, I actually really like it. But the pink flags were too much.
I don't mind it either but the pink flags is too much. The NFL supports this great cause and I like it, but we don't have to go overboard and have EVERYTHING pink.


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I can see them changing they're minds about the flags if it was getting too hard to see them amongst all the pink feet. I do like that the NFL supports such a good cause though. Even if they stuck with the flags for just one single game, I'd tolerate it. I know they do that in the CFL.


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I wish I could have seen that game. :lol: Why is everyone hating on pink in this thread?

I kid. Seriously though, I think the players wearing pink shoes and pink towels in support of the cause is enough of a statement. But I like that they tested the flag idea for at least one game. Once something like that interferes with the game (ie not being able to see the flag), it should obviously be abandoned.


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I know I got confused during the Rams game one time when they threw a pink flag

I think they are doing more than enough for cancer awareness with the pink apparal.


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The pink flags were a nice touch but I found them to be a bit distracting and somewhat confusing. I'm way too used to the yellow and red flags now to support any kind of change in them, temporary or otherwise.