NFL Post Season Thread


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I'm sure I woulda enjoyed it like you did, CO, but I admit I didn't watch it. It hits too close to home. Like...if the Rams make the Super Bowl ten years from now, sure, I'd be over it.

My wounds are still too raw haha
So far, I have only heard of one person say they enjoyed the game. Everyone else seems to think it was a terrible game of lackluster offense where the MVP of the game was nearly the punter.


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Really boring game. There was, however, that really interesting moment where the guys arm broke between the two helmets. Feel bad for him though.

I also thought it was cool that twin brothers on the defense won the super bowl together.
This year's Super Bowl was not a boring game for me. Instead, it was nerve wracking to me since their was so much on the line for me. I've been a long time Patriots fan, after all.