NFL Post Season Thread


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I'll jump in on the predicitons since I don't have my team to worry about anymore...

Colts def. Chiefs (Upset for sure but the Colts are on fire and can keep pace)
Rams def. Cowboys (I just don't like the Cowboys)

Eagles def. Saints (Deeeeessssstiny, Eagles are now my Super Bowl pick)
Patriots def. Chargers (No reason, just playing odds)
Meteorologists here in Maine think that the game between the Patriots and Chargers on Sunday will be a chilly one in Foxboro.

I hope it is since that will give the Pats an advantage, since they're so much more used to cold weather than the Chargers are.

Go Patriots!


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I hope its a Saints / Chiefs Super that is what I'll pick as well.

If its Rams and Patriots...mine two least favorite teams...I will not watch the game.