NFL much closer to moving to 18 games


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If they do expand to 18 games, they will have to allow bigger roster sizes, without question.

I don't like the idea myself. While I don't think careers are going to severely shortened because of two extra games (CFL does it, no severe injury issues), I just think the 18 games will dilute the league of meaningful games. Lots of the season is decided in the first 14 weeks of the season as it is, why add two more games?

Plus, I think people are not thinking highly enough of the preseason. Sure, it is boring as hell to watch but it is very important. Each year, there is a team who is hurt throughout the preseason and can't get it going at the start of the regular season (look at the Giants). All you will see is much more sloppy football at the start of the season. Every team, including the good ones, need the preseason to prepare and get in a rhythm.