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Discussion in 'NBA' started by Babe_Ruth, Dec 2, 2006.

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    Honestly is there going to be a new Michael Jordan? As you already know LeBron James is label as the Next MJ, but do you actually think there's going to be someone that are going to the same things he has done threw out is marvelous career. Has you already knew he had a great career, won so many awards, won the Larry O'brien Trophy six times, could of been eight if he never retired. He was unstoppable in the playoffs, flu or no flu, he played with heart, he even practiced the next day after winning the Title, he demanded perfection from is other teamates, and if he didnt get it, he would let them know. Is team had the best overall record in a season going 72-10. LeBron is a great player, and he only began is career, I just dont think he'll be has good has he was, and no one will.


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    Well you know, in my opinion, you can make all the comparisons, and all the labels on these Kobe Bryant's, Allen Iverson's, and LeBron James' but when it comes down to it, they are their own type of player. There will never be another Michael Jordan. Why? Because Michael Jordan was Michael Jordan. He was his own guy, his own player, his own person. That's the same with Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony, any player. Kobe is Kobe, 'Bron is 'Bron, Wade is Wade. They are all their style of play.

    I'll only call one of them the next Jordan when they all finish their career with the exact same stats as MJ had. ;) There will never be another Michael Jordan, there will never be another Kobe Bryant, there will never be another LeBron James, there will never be another Dwyane Wade, there will never be another Allen Iverson, and there will never be another Carmelo Anthony.

    Unless, of course, someone names their kid after a player and they come into the league with one of those names (sarcasm)
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    Alright maybe I should of been more specific for my topic, do you think there's going to be a player better then Michael Jordan, cause for me personally and so many others, he's the best basketball player to ever play in the NBA, we all know what he has done for the game on and off the court. I am sure there's players that are going to finish their career with more points then Jordan, but I don't consider him a great player for the amount of points he had, it's just the way he dominated the game, there's only one player that could defend him and that's Dumars, other then that I believe he could take anyone he played against. The players today are better then when he played in is ERA. But I believe if you put Jordan in todays game, he would be still top of the list above all the greats in todays game, Bryant, Wade, Carter,James and so many others.
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    I think Jordan will remain as the best basketball player for a long time just for all the accomplishments and tricks he's pulled out through his career. In our lifetime he's done that, but you know, think about it. In 100-150 years, we'll be dead, and everyone will just be hearing about Michael Jordan, and all of his accomplishments and won't really know the real man behind the #23 Chicago Bulls uniform.

    Of course, I'm sure there will be video by then, but I think with all the players getting better and better, in 100-150 years, basketball is going to be one strange sport, that the people in the future era's will remember him as just another great player in history rather than the all-time greatest basketball player ever.

    I'm sure there'll be some guy that will swoop like a bird into the league in 100-150 years and take people's minds and thoughts by storm. If not, I'd be surprised.
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    This is my opinion:

    Michael Jordan was the world's best player, so many awards and MVP, and no one is ever going to replace him.

    LeBron is a magnificent player but he doesn't have the moves and the spirit of the game as Michael Jordan did.

    Michael Jordan played his heart out, he played and played until he retired.

    Even if someone replaces his as the best player, but Michael Jordan is always going to be my best.

    My 900th Post. 100 to go.
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    Eventually, there will be someone better than MJ. It could be in the very near future depending on how Lebron improves from here, or 100 years down the line. However, it will be very hard to top MJ's storybook career.

    And for the record, Dumars could not guard Jordan. He simply did the best job he could one-on-one but no one player could ever lock him down:

    This game and a 61 point game against Detroit in 1987 inspried Detroit to come up with the Jordan Rules, where Dumars was still the primary defender on Jordan, but the entire defense was geared against Jordan, with constant double and triple teams, and Detroit was sure to rough up MJ whenever he got into the lane, with or without the ball to try and tire him. Jordan said when asked who defended him best that Joe played the best defense on him, but that he never got really got one-on-one defense against the Pistons since those high scoring games.
  7. There wont be another Michael Jordan! James or Bryant dont play the same style as Jordan and that style will never be matched! I personaly never saw Jordan play because i'm only 12..but i've seen many highlights and i've read books about him.
    LeBron James will never win the championship 6 times. But what we are all forgeting is that Jordan had the players around him and James doesnt. So thats something we need to think about. LeBron James has only been playing since '03. So James still has a long way to go in his career. Untill LeBron James wins 3 or more championships then we can have this discussion.

    As for Bryant..Hes not Jordan and he never will be. Jordan has heard of this really cool thing called passing and getting other players involved. Thats a new thing for Bryant. So he will never be Jordan hes just Kobe. Simple as that. In the future we will be saying he maybe the next Kobe but that doesnt mean Kobe is in Jordans league. Kobe Bryant has his own style of play and Jordan had his.
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    possibly D-Wade can be the next jordan. or maybe lebron
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    Anyone replace MJ? Aboslutely not. He was a household name and brought the sport to so many people and did so much for the game of basketball, he will never be replaced. But will someone who can break all the records come along? Of course, records are impressive, but they are meant to be broken. Whether this guy is LeBron or not, I'm sure there will be another player of MJ's calibre.

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