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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by EMZA64, May 8, 2007.

  1. EMZA64

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    :) Hello! I'm new to the Forum. Welcome me! FASTER! Lol!

    Anyway, on this topic, I want to hear your opinions towards both the PlayStation 3 and the XBOX Elite... :)

    The reason I want to hear your opinions on these because I'm planning on getting one myself. I'm getting the PS3, most likely..

    Let it be known, I'm getting the in two months... I already have two games reserved. The two games are Lair (7/31/2007) and The Darkness 6/25/2007)... I cannot wait!

    Any proud Wii owners?! Good... I love my Wii... I'm getting the Pokemon Battle Revolution... First Wi-Fi for the WII! WHOA! OHHH! I'm getting Resident Evil 4 Wii...that game will be sooooo awesome on the Wii console!

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  2. Mirage

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    Personally I'd say the XBOX 360 is a better choice than the PS3. I like the games on the XBOX a lot better than PlayStation games though so I am a bit biased.

    The PS3 is a great deal if you want a Blu-Ray player but I don't happen to want one of those yet so the price alone of the PS3 makes me weary. XBOX Live is also much better than the PS3 equivalent.
  3. EMZA64

    EMZA64 New Member

    Interesting opinions. And I totally agree. BUT...the reason why I'm getting the mainly because that I am a PS fan. I have nothing against the XBOX Elite because I plan on..., some time later this year or early next..., to own one for myself... 0=]

    Also, the reason why I'm not putting the PS3 off by getting the Elite first is because I want to be able to play all PSP, PS, PS2, PS3 games... I'm PS crazy just as much I'm Nintendo crazy. Lol
  4. murderbyWIImote

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    i got a wii back in december, its totally awsome. i am disappointed in the lack of really good games. that's kind of what happens with nintendo though. i love em anyway lol. i got a 360 premium on friday, and it is amazing, man. so many great games. i couldnt see myself getting a ps3 at this point, and im old school playstation (10 years). there's just not enough great games comming out on it to justify spending $200 more than the 360, especially when its exclusives are actually better (halo, GOW, crackdown, MASS EFFECT, Bioshock anyone?) ive been playing oblivion constantly. i got project 8 and GRAW commin in the mail from amazon really cheap.

    sorry sony.. i still love my ps2 though..

    i would also like to mention that iw as anti xbox for the entire span of the original and the first year of the 360, but i finally realize what a great selection of games it has. and xbox live, come on, nobody's beating that.
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