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Next-Gen Consoles blocking used games


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By the same rationale though, they're perfectly within their rights to make these games able to work on one console only, cus they're free to design it however they want.

Although thinking about that, what happens if your console "RRODs", or whatever the equivalent will be? there needs to be a way that games will work on the next console the user buys. The only way i can see around that is if games were only allowed to work with a single gamer profile, but then that's even more ridiculous because if multiple members of one family want to play a game they'd have to buy multiple copies!

So really i don't know how they're going to enforce this properly.... The possibility of a console breaking raises a lot of issues.
Yeah you're right in saying that they have the right to, I never said they didn't, I just said I was against it.

As for consoles breaking, there's an easy solution. Assuming that all games are a digital download, they could be tied to an account. For example, I have two steam accounts and I can only access games that are bought on each specific account even though they're all on the hard drive on one computer. (don't worry I didn't do anything stupid, :lol:)

Anyway if you have steam, you'd know that you can install it on multiple computers and download the games you've purchased again and again. The only stipulation is that you can only have one iteration of your account online at a time.

Anyway, that's how I visualize it working. There would be a master account for each console (though you can log in to other accounts on your console) and then there would be sub accounts (gamer profiles)

Luckily this won't affect me, Nintendo seems to be intelligent and won't be doing this, their console also has an optical drive.
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