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Next-Gen (2011) Consoles?


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Consoles seem to have a 6 or so year lifespan. I think by 2011 we'll start to see new consoles hitting the shelves. By 2009 we might even start hearing rumors about these.

I thought I'd kick off the next-gen console discussion a bit early and start it here in 2008. What do you think the next consoles will be named? How will they differ from current consoles?

Next XBOX:

Namewise, they went with XBOX 360 because XBOX 2 wouldn't have worked well pitted against the Playstation 3. 3 > 2 and subliminally it would have been bad for XBOX sales. As for their next name I really have no clue. They could do XBOX 720 but they'd be locking themselves into a soon to be confusing set of names if they did that. I don't really have any preferences. XBOX 3 certainly won't do either. The next XBOX will definitely have XBOX Live again. I expect XBOX to continue their tradition of having the best multiplayer experience as well.

Next Playstation:

Yes I do believe there will be another Playstation. I expect their sales to continue going up over the next few years as Blu-Ray takes the market by storm. Not to mention the gaming possibilities of 40 gig games. As for the next Playstation console I'm pretty sure they are going to have to call it the Playstation 4. I'd like to see them switch to Roman Numerals at least though. Playstation IV perhaps? As for the system it's going to be a lot better than the PS3. With Blu-Ray in full effect by 2011 Sony will have more than enough money to do the PS4 right. I also expect a better library of exclusive titles.

Next Nintendo:

The name "Nintendo Wii" works well. It's perfect in fact. I think they need to expand on this technology and concept in their next console. I also think they need to keep the Wii name in some form. It's well known and it's selling extremely well. Perhaps Wiii? Or even go on a tangent with the Wii name and call it the Nintendo Wii 2 or somethng. I doubt Nintendo will do anything similar though. Their last 3 consoles have all been drastically different. The N64 had cartridge games. The GameCube had mini-discs. The Wii plays mini-discs AND DVD games (although not DVD movies) and is a completely different animal than the GameCube or N64. I really wonder if they will go a whole new direction with their next console. I think it's definitely in their best interest to further explore what the Wii introduced to gaming and continue running with that...


XBOX 720 sounds like that's going to be the name. I was checking out Google and that's the name everybody is using. Probably a substitute because they don't have an official name as yet. I do believe this will be used, though.

PlayStation - PLEASE, no more PlayStation 1, 2, 3, 4. Their logo and name are sooo 90's. Sony needs to step it up and design a new name. If they go with 4 I'm going to write a nasty letter. I'm thinking and hoping that they'll pull a Nintendo and go with a totally different name. Here are some examples that I think COULD work:

Sony Sphere
Sony System X
Sony Station
Sony Spiral

I don't know what new ideas Sony can do. Hmm.. Maybe more it more online friendly with a better e-store...?

Nintendo has really unique ideas of naming their system. It's a for-sure thing that they'll use a new name with new ideas for their system. I think they'll still continue to cater to the younger audience with their games.

I have no idea of what the company's are thinking when bringing new ideas to their systems. They got CDs, DVDs, online capability. What else is there?


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I really think that the consoles by 2010 will be far greater than we can imagine. Imagine that almost all games will have better graphics than Crisis and more complicated than any game on the current market. Maybe even getting close to some sort of AI.

Next XBOX:

I think the new name will be a noun instead of a number, like "dome" or... whatever. Or maybe a whole new name other than "xbox"alltogether?
X-box live is inevitable, but my fears are that they will be too focused on making it the next game-related Itunes that the multiplayer features will suffer. I really don't want to have adverts of britney spears music videos in my face at the moment, never mind in the future.
Whats going to be interesting is the console exclusive games. All Microsoft has is the games they make themselves and a few PC releases. They've just bought out other games that used to be exclusive, Devil May Cry 4 for example...
I'd also be expecting some drastically different design of controller, even though I love teh one they have at the moment, the Wii has kinda caused a big threat to Microsoft in sony in the future because of the introduction of motion sensing.


The Playstation name is iconic, so I doubt that they will change the name, maybe they'll remove the numbers and just replace it with something else. Now that the Blu-ray player isnt a gamble purchase they should do alot better, it's just the online play that is the issue. Maybe they'll introduce an upgraded "House" to be the main menu of the system? They'll also need some sort of advanced achievement system better than the 360 currently has.


They'll change the name again and teh controllers. I'm pretty certain about it. Except the controllers will be far more advanced. Maybe it'll be suit-like, with sensors on arms and legs? They already have the sensing technology to do this, its' just the cost feasibility ,and the programming would be hell. Imagine that you would actually moving mario by running and jumping yourself . I'm not suggesting anything too advanced, just two sensors on the arms and two on the legs?
I feel that the other two companies would be too scared to break their habit of using the controllers they already have, which is why Nintendo would be more likely to do this...
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Uh........... not to sound like a dickhead or anything, but why the hell are you thinking about this already?
I'm not sure if you are aware yet, but this forum has the power of prediction. That is why we are talking about this already. Or maybe because we are just generally interested in how gaming technology might advance. :stare:


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How about the XBox eXperience ? lol :D


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Uh........... not to sound like a dickhead or anything, but why the hell are you thinking about this already?
I think it's most because this place if called General Forum so people can talk about...well, generally anything they want. Perhaps this topic is the kind of general subject that people wanna discuss.

Just a theory...:stare:


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How about the XBox eXperience ? lol :D

Then the nickname is the xbox 'ex'.

I dont know what direction microsoft will go with the naming of their next console.

I doubt they will chose 720 as the name since then they could lock themselves into names relating to degrees of rotation...


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If people are talking about which next-gen console they want to buy, then yes, it's too early and that would be ridiculous. But I don't see a problem with speculating about what kinds of features they'll have or what they'll be called.

I think the next Nintendo will keep the same concept as the Wii, but improve on everything. I'd like to see a hard drive, graphics that are more comparable to the competitors, online play similar to what Xbox Live offers, and better utilization of the motion sensor controllers. I don't think they'll re-use the Wii name. I'm sure they'll come up with something else that's creative.

The next Playstation will almost definitely be called Playstation 4. It's all about name recognition. I'm sure it'll still have the same damn controller. I don't think the console will be very innovative. Just a lot more powerful.

Who knows what the next Xbox will be called. I can see it being something lame like Xbox Next. It'll be all about online play and better graphics.


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When it comes to the Xbox I think that Microsoft will completely change the name. They will still have "Live". Has anybody notice that Xbox Live is now changed to Live. They will once again become successful but will fall in second place next time.

Sony will probably call themselves PS4. The only way that they will survive the next war is if they have a decent library during launch, if not they will be swallowed up by Nintendo and Microsoft.

Nintendo, I have huge hopes with them, I believe not only will they target the young audience but they will also target the hardcore gamer. The wii to me is nothing but an experiment that turned out to be successful. Nintendo will definetly change the name for their next console. Graphics will be up to par with sony, and microsoft. But the gameplay will be different...maybe more virtual.???? It will not be dvd or blu ray compatiable, it will only be a gaming system.