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Hello fellow forumners .

So I come to you live from sunny Queensland Australia.

While I am a common forumner, I decided that I need to find such a place where I could chat to people from all around the world.... Hence searching on google.com where I came across this, what seems to be, a lovely site..

While having a short browse, I decided that this seemed like a good place to stay ..

So here I am .. :)

Not much to say about me really, and to be honest I don't like to give much away about myself , just yet .. but as time goes on, I will reveal more .. (maybe)

But for now , I will just be that mysterious new chick from Australia (and yes I will give that much away, that I am female :lol:)

Until then my fellow writers ...... Ciao



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Welcome to GF, Ralli. I'm from Queensland too! Nice to meet someone from my neck of the woods on here!

You should like it here. Everyone's real friendly, and they don't bite. Much.

Dek will be along shortly to mention something about penguins, giraffes and polar bears. Don't be alarmed. He really is harmless!


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OMG hello .... :)

how amazing that two QLD'ers are on here at the same time , we have no life :p

Jokes .. Thanks for the Welcome, I hope to stay around for a looooooooong time .....
and hopefully make some new friends along the way :D


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Welcome to General Forum! So good to have another Aussie on here! I am from Melbourne!


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GF is getting overrun by Aussies :shifteyes:

Welcome, newwwwwwwwwbie Ralli! Hope you enjoy your stay. And just ask if you have any Qs!


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GF is getting overrun by Aussies :shifteyes:

Welcome, newwwwwwwwwbie Ralli! Hope you enjoy your stay. And just ask if you have any Qs!
:lol: Nothing wrong with us Aussies ... :p

A question though, how do I display my flag .. ?


Creeping On You

What version of skin do you have, Ralli? Is it similiar to Ephs? I have the 'i'm a massive hunk of man' model.


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Welcome, Ralli! As Rebeccaaa said, let us know if you have any questions!

Are you willing to reveal a few of your hobbies and interests? :lol:


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Hello Ralli. Nice to see you jump in and get involved. You'll love GF.


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Welcome to GF ralli! Hope you enjoy staying with us. :)