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Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by TVAdam, May 17, 2009.

  1. TVAdam

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    "NewsRadio" is my all-time favorite sitcom. I love everything about it. The classic characters: Dave, Bill, Matthew, Lisa, Jimmy, Joe, Beth and Catherine (and later Max). All 97 classic episodes: Pilot to New Hampshire. And anything else about the show (including the DVD commentaries).

    The only problem now is that I know very few people who have ever seen the show. I have two friends that I loaned my DVDs to and they're fans of the show now. But in general, people I know haven't heard of it before. And when I state the name of my favorite show I have to be sure to let them know it's a sitcom and not an actual news program. :)

    Are there any other "NewsRadio" fans on these boards.

  2. Babe_Ruth

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    I use to watch this show all the time. I personally loved it, it was hilarious. My favorite characters were Joe and Bill. I wish there was more then five seasons though.

    The think that sucks is that they don't show it anymore here, so I haven't watch them in a real long time, which is a real shame.
  3. TVAdam

    TVAdam Registered Member

    I was hoping that by now it would be rerun more often. It's on WGN every once in a while. Before that it was on TBS in the afternoon. And before that Nick at Nite, where it didn't even go through one full cycle. They aired it like once or twice a week and was in the third season when they pulled it from the lineup. It's most success in rerun form came in 2000, when A&E picked it up. They kept it for a couple years.

    With this show there's not one character that I don't like. Even the underused Catherine was great. Bill McNeal is probably my favorite, but in real life I tend to act like Dave (not on purpose, that's just my personality).

    Joe is a character that I didn't pay much attention to the first time around. But after subseqent viewings, he's become a favorite of mine. I just love his conspiracy theories. I remember once Beth told him they were being watched. He went on an alien rant, she stops him and says "Not aliens, Joe." He replies "You mean people are watching us? You're paranoid!" lol. I guess that joke could also apply to the fact that it was a very low rated show (in it's third season it was the lowest rated sitcom on NBC) so it seemed like there were no people watching them.

    Another joke about that struck me funny recently. I was watching the "Space" episode, which is introduced by Phil Hartman. He says "For those of you who watch our little program whenever we're on..." That also applies to today. In fact it applies to what I was just saying. "Whenever we're on", that's how it is today. WGN plays the show just whenever. They use it as a filler show.

    I know Andy Dick has a track record for being, well, his last name but I absolutely love him. I think he's hilarious. That is his work I'm referring to, not the stuff he does that makes the news. His character of Matthew was so funny, I just loved him. He also seemed a bit like Screech from Saved by the Bell in the sense that he started the show as the weird one, but he became more and more exaggerated as the series went on.
  4. DLFerguson

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    A&E is where I discovered NEWSRADIO and I fell in love with it immediately. A&E reran the hell out of it for a good number of years and then it simply disappeared. I'm really surprised it isn't on Nick At Night.

    Catherine Duke was sorely underused and Khandi Alexander has never looked as good as when she was on that show. Part of the reason I watched was because I constantly wondered how much shorter her skirts could get. And nobody could strut like her in high heels. I wished that the writers had given her more to do, including following up on the hints that she had had affairs with Bill McNeal and Jimmy James. And didn't Jimmy propose marriage to Catherine once or did I make that up?

    Joe was always dependable for a laugh. The best role Joe Rogan has ever had and he's never been as funny since.

    Vicki Lewis was always remarkable to me in playing Beth. her body language was simply amazing to watch as yes, she was a grown woman but she moved like a 16 year old girl who is just enjoying the ways that her body can move. I wish the writers had been able to go through with their planned plotline of Jimmy James adopting Beth as his daughter.

    Andy Dick has truly become a sad case. Like Amy Winehouse (who was mad hot before she lost her mind) he's allowed booze and drugs to destroy his talent and what he did as Matthew bordered on genius at times. I loved the episode where he was fired but was spying on the WNYX office from a building across the street. When the gang went to that building they discovered that Matthew was a licensed dentist and considered to be quite brilliant in his field as well as being quite wealthy. He worked at the radio station because he loved radio and dentistry in his spare time.
  5. TVAdam

    TVAdam Registered Member

    Jimmy didn't propose to Catherine, however, she was one of the 36 Wife Candidates from his list. But when she heard that he made a list, she was furious. So Jimmy crossed her off the list. lol

    Season four is my favorite season. I loved the one where Bill had a butler, Chock Full Of Notes, Bill as a Blue Genie, Matthew as a ventriloquist, Lisa as the boss for a period, which led to Bill being the boss for an episode. There's not an episode of season four that I don't like.

    On the DVD commentary, when Paul Simms read questions from the fans, he read a couple of mine. I was TVAdam717. It was a thrill to hear him say that on there.
  6. DLFerguson

    DLFerguson Registered Member

    Isn't Season 4 when Lauren Graham came aboard for about six or seven episodes playing the efficiency expert who fired Matthew? That's the first time I saw Lauren Graham and fell in love with her instantly. She had wonderful comic instincts and timing and the way she drove Maura Tierney's character nuts was hysterical.
  7. TVAdam

    TVAdam Registered Member

    Yep, season four had Lauren Graham. She was great as Andrea Planbee, lol.

    Another favorite episode of mine from season four (and of the whole series) is "The Public Domain", where Bill is going around the office playing the piano and singing songs about politics like Mark Russell (even though Bill claims to never have heard of Mark Russell). It drives Dave crazy! That's also a Lauren Graham episode.

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