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Creeping On You
I don't usually read newspapers, simply because I never really know what to do with em after. I feel bad throwing em out, because it seems a waste. Often times now, I'll read the newspaper on the bus. They have em free at the front. I can read the whole thing during my bustrip and then I just leave it on my seat for the next person when I get off the bus.

Generally when I read the newspaper, I like to read the articles about my own city first. Thankfully, the newspaper on the bus is set up where its local news first, then international, then local sports, then international, and then comics. Gotta read the comics. For an added bonus, in the Winnipeg Sun, there is the sunshine girl on the back page. 4/10 times she's not too bad looking either lawl.

So how about yourselves? Describe your newspaper reading habits, what you do with the paper after you're done, and just in general discuss newspapers.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I rarely read a newspaper anymore unless there is one in the doctors or dentists office then I will while I am waiting but I never buy one. I always hated it that the print would rub off on your hands. I get all my news online or on TV and have for a long time.

Sometimes I wonder how newspapers stay in business.


My family doesn't buy any newspapers at all. We read news online, watch TV news and listen to radio news. I like to think we are all pretty well informed without newspaper. I've never liked newspapers, I don't like they way they feel. They feel really gross to touch so because of that I always avoid reading them. We only get them really rarely if there's a particular photo or article in it we want to cut out and keep.


For a Free Scotland
My folks get the full New York Times subscription- every day, with the gigantic Sunday edition as well. My mother habitually reads it every day- she mostly avoids the front section, but reads the book review, Sunday magazine, travel and culture sections.

My dad and I have moved mostly into the online realm, though my dad still reads the online NYT, especially the opinion pages- which I can't stand. When I'm traveling I read the paper quite a bit more- especially local papers as they're a way to gauge the character of a town.

The best newspaper in the world is The Onion. It's published in paper form in a bunch of cities, including San Francisco. It's the standard Onion stories, but it also has some great alternative culture announcements and reviews.


Sally Twit
Newspapers are useful when defrosting your freezer. They soak up water good.

I don't buy them or read them. Never been a fan of them to be honest. Never liked the way the tips of your fingers would end up black after reading.


No Custom Title Exists
I haven't bought a newspaper in so long because I am using the interwebz for the certain paper I use and I think they realised that many Victorians do the same thing and they've began charging us to read articles. Suddenly, buying it seems such a good and much more cheaper option. They are not very smart people.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I don't buy them, either. I usually go online to read the newspaper. If I'm taking the bus and I see one then I'll grab it just to waste some time, but other than that you'll rarely see me with a newspaper in my hands.


Registered Member
We have a couple of newspapers at work for people to read if they decide to sit in and eat, and I quite often skim through those on my breaks, but I can't remember the last time I went out and bought a paper. I get all my news online -- Independent, Guardian, BBC News and the lovely ultraconservative Daily Fail for fun. ;D


Well-Known Member
I don't think i've gone out of my way to actually buy a newspaper in a long time. I used to read it daily back in NZ because we had a subscription for one. Part of my morning routine was to sit and read the paper whilst having a coffee. Although to be honest, most of the time there was nothing of interest in there.

Now, I read the paper once in a blue moon. They give away a free one on the bus and I occasionally find myself reading it over someone's shoulder (I know, rude!) but very rarely do I take one myself.

Funny thing about this thread though, I hadn't read a paper for yonks but this morning I was reading one in the cafe.

There's actually a girl at my work who is scared of newspaper. Doesn't like the look or feel of them apparently.


Registered Member
Newspapers are part and parcel of my everyday life. I sometime's question myself when I set out to the shops each morning to buy a copy of 'The Times' .... We are in the year 2012...you can now read the news on your phone for free?!

It's not the same for me though. There's something about holding a newspaper that makes you feel more of a respectable human being.

If I catch the bus I'll pick up a copy of 'Metro', which in my opinion is one of the better read's we have available in England. When I'm done with it I'll take it into work for anyone else who might want to browse through it.

The news in this country however disinterests me. I've found myself been more interested in reading 'The New York Times' on my Iphone that anything we have to talk about.

Even when going online every morning, one of the first sites I look at is The Huffington Post, but I have it set to show me the US news. It's just better all round.