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Wherever you are (bus, train, OOs), you come across a newspaper or magazine, and since you know your time with it will be of short duration (yeah, I know no one speaks like that these days, I had a Jane Austin moment) what part of the newspaper/magazine would you scan/read? (i.e current news/sports/celebrities/weather etc)


I'd read the part where it talks about Health-care.
That's the first section I always read at first.

But if that part is too long: I'd either take a look/read the headline [to get an idea]; or I'd read any celebrity news.


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I'd probably read through the national news section. Exciting? No it's not. It's dull. Dull. Dull. My God it's dull, it's so desperately dull and tedious and stuffy and boring and des-per-ate-ly DULL.


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If it's a long ride, I start from the back (Sports section;)) and then it gets to all the business crap and I go to front and read the news.


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I usually start with the entertainment section - Movie reviews, new book releases and album reviews. And if it's a local paper, what's on in the region. Then the daily cartoon section - Garfield ftw


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I normally read the headlines and their follow on stories.

Then its the horoscopes (which is strange because I don't believe in them!) :lol:

Our local paper has an interesting things that happened page so i normally flick to that if I know I need to leave it soon! Haha!

I don't read newspapers and magazines, all they are good for to me is the puzzles. So that's the first place I'll go if I'm looking at one for any reason. Then I'll flick through and look at the adverts (esp. with a magazine). I love looking at the full page ads ever since I took media studies in school. Don't know why cause I didn't even really like that class so much.

Don't worry, I don't whip out a pen and start annotating them or anything. :hah: