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How many times a week do you watch the News?

Personally I usually never watch the News, if something happened and I know that there going to talk about it on the News then I'm going to watch it to get more information, but other then that not, rarely that I do watch it.


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I watch the news maybe once every other month, if that. It just doesn't interest me very much. Most of the important stuff I'll hear about on the internet. I don't care if there was a fire on 102nd Street, or if putting your left sock on first increases the risk of cancer.
Every day or every other day. While getting ready for work, or while going to bed I'll turn it on to see what happened that day.

I can do without all the celebrity and individuals new stories, though. I prefer the whole "mass" on the country and world.


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I watch the news once a week when I'm at my parents. As Echoes said, you always hear about the big and important stuff on the net.


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I watch the news every day as well as the BBC World report..I like to know what's going on around me.


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Daily. When I switch on the telly, it's on the 24hr news channel. We have two (free tv) BFMTV and iTele. I switch between the two depending on which has interesting things to say. Sometimes I'd watch the local channels that have news from 12-13h30 and 20h. Other than that, I check online news.


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I hardly ever watch the news,i may catch a news program maybe once or twice a month but i dont go out of my way to watch them.


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Newspaper > News on TV

Newspaper is easier for me, because those tools on the television report what you don't wanna know, and leave out what you wanna know.


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I never watch the news anymore.

I collect my news via various web outlets, it's basically the only way to actually read something that isn't completely doctored for television. Not to mention, you also don't have to deal with all this commercial bullshit.