News of the Weird #6


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Jeromy Jackson and his family filed a $10 million lawsuit in Morgantown, W.Va., in August against McDonald's because there was cheese on his Quarter-Pounder, which triggered a severe allergic reaction that required hospital treatment. Jackson's lawyer said the family's order was painstakingly clear that the burger should be cheeseless, but apparently, after being served, Jackson failed to lift the bun to check.
Cheveon Ford, 21, was arrested in Pensacola, Fla., in July and charged with making false 911 calls; according to authorities, Ford's only explanation was that he had no more minutes on his phone and knew that 911 calls were free.
Florida state Rep. Bob Allen was a co-sponsor earlier in 2007 of legislation to increase the penalty for "public lewdness and indecent exposure," such as trolling for sex partners in public restrooms (upping the crime from a misdemeanor to a felony). The bill did not pass, which was lucky for Rep. Allen, who was arrested in July in a men's room in Titusville when undercover officers said he entered and exited three times in the space of a few minutes, peered over a restroom stall and offered oral sex for $20.
Rev. Robert Nichols, who for several years had been teaching anger-management classes for accused criminals in Gary, Ind., was arrested in July and charged with beating his wife.
A 7-year-old named Alisha told reporters in Reidsville, N.C., in August that she was just being a good daughter when she challenged the man who tried to rob her mom (a convenience store clerk). "I was pushing on him and telling him to 'back away, back away, man.'" (Her aggressiveness foiled the robbery, but the man got away. Said Alisha, "He should be locked up by his gills and towed to the police.")
The Orient Industry Co. of Tokyo each month turns out 80 life-size, anatomically correct and finely detailed "love dolls" that retail for the equivalent of $850 to $5,500 each, for men who would rather hang out with toys than women, according to a July Reuters dispatch. The more expensive models are admirably life-like, made of silicon and with 35 movable joints. Reuters found one customer, Mr. "Ta-Bo," who owns at least two dozen of them (each with a name), even though he claims to be seeing five real women on the side. "Sex with human girls was better," he said, "but I hate the process of dating."
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