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News brief for women


Registered Member
Just a brief note that I felt was important for women to have. Please feel free to forward it to your friends as a "head's up" notice so they can be prepared....

There's a new scam being pulled mainly on older women who are, apparently, past the age of giving a running pursuit. What happens is that when the intended victim stops for a red light, a completely nude and good looking, nicely tanned, unbelievably well-enhanced young man comes walking up to your car. With muscles flexing and body stretched to its full potential, he pretends to wash your windshield. While he is doing this, another person opens the back door of your car, taking everything you have.

They are very good at this. They got me seven times Friday and five times Saturday... I couldn't find them on Sunday.



what? no pink?
LOL That's pretty stinkin funny : )

I'll have to be on the look out LOL


Registered Member
I thought it was pretty funny too...lol