Newly Registered Lurker Here

Hi all,
I've been lurking here for awhile (ever since I saw a link in Forehead Guy's auction) I LOVE to read about (and WATCH) high profile auctions, and figured I might as well come out of the darkest and register!

I'll be around, reading, posting, and laughing at some of these awesome auctions. I've got a few crazy NEW ideas in my head... just waiting till the time is right to list them!!


***Please do not post topics in BOLD***
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RiffRaff said:

darkest and register!
DARKNESS... Don't mind me, I'm doped up on NyQuil (yes.. in the middle of the day.. I'm just that sick :eek:hno:)

Darth Tater said:
just a little ?... is your name from "Rocky Horror"? or sumthin else

Something else... my last name is Raff, and my husbands 1st name is Rich... so he's always been know as Riff Raff.... I just like to use it :) Boring huh?
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