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Newest trends in perfume/make up?


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I need like a 101 lesson on this in less than 30 hours, preferably. :lol:

Anyway, do you know which brands and products are "in" right now? Have you made cosmetic purchases lately?

I've always sticked to the same brands and names so I never checked the new stuff. My "new" was Lolita Lempicka - but that's "new" yeeeears ago.


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Well as far as makeup brands go, I'd recommend MAC and Urban Decay and NARS. I use all three brands for my kit and for myself personally. MAC isn't really all that "new" but its one of those brands that never goes out of style. Their lipsticks are freakin' fantastic (especially the matte ones.) I'd recommend a few shades like Velvet Teddy, Viva Glam I, Girl About Town, Please Me and Creme De La Femme. They pretty much flatter almost all skin tones. Also, I definitely recommend MAC Fix+ finishing mist. It is worth every penny.

Urban Decay has some super sweet eyeshadow palettes. I have about 5 in my kit. My personal favorite is the Naked Palette which consists of nice neutral, gold and nude shades. Another one of my favorites is the Urban Ammo palette which is brighter, smokier colors. They are a bit pricey though since they go for about 50 bucks a piece. Totally worth it, though.

NARS has some pretty good blushes and lipglosses. I'd recommend Turkish Delight, Orgasm, Scandal and Easy Lover. But they go for about $25.00 which is more expensive than MAC. (MAC lipstick/glosses go for about $17.00)

For perfumes, I'd go with Vera Wang's Princess. It smells awesome. It is a little too floral-y sometimes. A few other good ones are Step Into Sexy, Dior Hyonotic, Bella Belara and Adidas Fruity Rhythms.

Hope that helps. That's about all I could think of off the top of my head at work. If I had my kit in front of me, I probably would've been able to throw more brands your way haha.


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I really like Far Away by Avon, they have several that smell nice. I tend to go in for the musk smells myself but will wear the sweeter smelling ones too. I also like Safari by Ralph Lauren.

I like Avons eye make up, blush and lipstick but I'm not crazy about their mascara or foundation. I usually use Loreal for foundation. However if something is on sale I will buy other products.