newest siggy


O N03Z!!! 4 /V0Z!!!

This was my second time using a c4d render. c4di is a program like bryce
hey youre gettin brighter :) (image brightness...dunno bout your IQ lol)


but sig is decent. better then your current one lol


Sultan of Swat
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Not to bad I like the picture, but I really like the background, keep up the practice, and you'll just become better and better.


yeah i like them both too ....... but did u get the naruto stock from another sig cuz i know my friend use to abuse that image

edit: GASP, i posted? ... sry guys, doubt u all care lol but im barely ever on now, its summer, im out everyday hittin up the beach or partying, i'll probably come back to how i use to be in the school year or when ever, who knows


O N03Z!!! 4 /V0Z!!!
yup thats right i stole the immage from a sig that probably had all kinds of brushes on it.... No it was in pojo stock stash.


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ooohhh...I like the 2nd one best^_^ The bg really attracts my attention to it alot.Hmm...this is my first ever seeing that Naru pic u have there in ur first sig. It blends well with it's bg though it is alittle dark. Makes me think if u like dark things and or stuff that revolves around it lol. I would give these sigs an 8/10 Keep up the good work Moose!