Newest Part to my shrine!!!


living on the border
so today I finished a new part to my 4-wall red sox shrine. here it is:

its doesnt look like much in a pic. but its pretty cool in person.

The thing in the middle is an original painting by some guy who lives in Boston.

Then the little things on the clock are pennies from every year that the red sox won the world series:

1903: Indian head penny
1912: wheat penny
1915: wheat penny
1916: wheat penny
1918: wheat penny
2004: Took me forever to get this one, I finally found it yesterday after getting change from my order at Burger King! YAY ME!
2007: Didnt take long to find this one, got it shortly after they won.

And the clock is set to 11:40 pm, the time the the final out was made during the 2004 world series.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
That's pretty awesome, it's just to bad it had to be the Boston Red Sox lol. It's hard to tell if you have any, but you should maybe put some pictures of the great Red Sox players, like Babe Ruth, Yaz and so many others, dont just put the current Red sox players. That's just my two cents.