Newbie here...

I am newbie here and happy to join this great forum. Hope everyone can guide and support me. Looking forward to learn as much as I can here and share my knowledge with you. :)


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Hello and welcome to General Forum.

We have a wide range of subjects that you can discuss here.
We are experiencing some problems with the forum at the moment, so if you see any data base errors or your posts don't show up straight away don't worry it's just the forum being silly.



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Hey there, I'm a newbie as well so we have something in common. I found these forums through Google, how about yourself?

Hopefully me and you will build a legacy at the same time since we joined almost at the same time.

See you around.


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Ok, don't let BabeRuth scare you.

We're nice people here. Welcome to GF and hope you make more posts and tell us about yourself.


I'm serious
Hey Alicefred and welcome to GF. And hey BabeGuy as well.

Alicefred, do tell us more about yourself. Babe, do tell us less about yourself!! ;)