Hey folks, I'm new here. I am just about graduated from Manhattan College which is in the Bronx. I majored in Physical Education but on June 12th, if all goes planned, I start the FDNY Academy on Randall's Island. I like the Jets, Yankees, anything Jaspers, and a few other odds and ends in there. I love football, baseball, college basketball (the NBA should be disbanded), hockey if its on, soccer if nothing else is on, and I like playing sports as well. I am currently a track coach in Scarsdale NY and that is a lot of fun as well. I know quite a bit about a lot of sports but I wouldn't call myself an expert at any. So here I am, chat, email, post to me, it will be great. Knibb High Football RULES!
Heh, well you seem like a literate person, if a bit sports centered (PE major? psh...)... hopefully we'll see a lot of you around the forum... welcome.


Sultan of Swat
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Welcome to the forums my friend hopefully you'll be a great addition to the forums, it seems you like sports a lot, amd hopefully you'll be posting there shortly.