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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by JimColyer, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. JimColyer

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  2. leopard22

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    Damn Yankees ;)

    Being a Canuck, the only team I can support and still remain Canadian through and through are the Blue Jays :)

    However, they have had such pitching problems this year that many times I have left the TV in disgust. Otherwise, I believe they'd at least be in the wild card, but I think all hope is lost for the year.

    I am a Mets fan by marriage (well, ex-marriage) ... still have some stuff kicking around the house that the ex left from his days as a kid going to the games at Shea Stadium ... some signed stuff from the 70s which is pretty cool.

    So, although I can't cheer for the Yankees, I will say better them than the Red Sox :)
  3. Mirage

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    But you have to admit that was cool a few years ago when the Red Sox beat them FINALLY. :D

    They waited long enough to deserve that win. :)

    I don't follow baseball much though but I did happen to catch that game due to the press it got beforehand.
  4. Doc

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    Ya know, I can't stand the Yankees. Or the Red Sox. Go sucky Orioles!

    I have to admit, though, that the AL East is one of the hardest divisions in Major League Baseball.
  5. leopard22

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    Steve, you hit it right on the head. It is the toughest division of all and that's what makes it so hard for teams that could beat the pants off the leaders in other divisions to do well - the competition is too damn tough.

    My poor Blue Jays .... will they ever go to the World Series again with unlimited pockets in the Yankee's hands??? Oops, kind of a weird metaphor there ... apologies to my grammar teacher or english teacher or whoever

    I suppose it was about time the Red Sox won the ultimate prize, but now I'll be content to let them go back to their clubhouses to cry in their beer :D
  6. Doc

    Doc Trust me, I'm The Doctor. V.I.P.

    The other four teams in the AL East have won a series since the O's have, sadly. At least, I think the Devil Rays have won one.
  7. JimColyer

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    The Yankees open a 4-game series with the Red Sox about an hour from now. Wang is pitching. He has 17 wins.
  8. JimColyer

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    The New York Yankees beat Detroit in the first game of the playoffs. Derek Jeter went 5 for 5, homering in his last at bat as the crowd chanted "MVP."

    New York Yankees
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    I heard that it was a possibility that Joe Torre was going to get fired. But when I was watching the game yesterday, they had a press conference of Joe Torre saying that he will be with the Yankees next year. Why would the Yankees fire him? He is a good manager and lead the Yankees to many championships. I think any team would want him as their manager.
  10. JimColyer

    JimColyer Registered Member

    I agree. Joe Torre is a great manager.

    Yankee fans are looking to 2007.

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