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New Year's Eve Plans

What will you do for New Year's Eve?

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What will you do for New Year's Eve? I will probably stay home myself. I usually try to go to a party or two but this year I'm not feeling like doing much.
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I will be home this year watching the kids,my ex will be going out to celebrate,and i will have a drink at midnight but thats about for me.


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I think that I'm going to be home, I've always stayed home on New Years Eve, and of course it's the one night of the year when you actually should stay up past midnight, but I'll probably be up until like 3 or 4am.


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I don't really feel like celebrating new years, but I'm still at the stage where if I don't then people will ask questions :lol: So I guess I'll be out with some friends, I dunno where, always leave it until last minute. Probably a house party or something.


scientia potestas est
I'm going out with my friends. We are even getting a cheap hotel dowtown near the clubs so we can get stinking drunk. WOOT WOOT.


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I swear I already answered this in another thread.. lol

I'm going with a friend to his uncles house for a party.. I'm totally not drink ;)


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My friends and I have an annual tradition of walking together to Shari's restaurant. It's about 2-3 miles, but we enjoy the walk instead of driving.

That doesn't really count as going to a party... :-/


Depends on what work does. If they need me, then I'll go in and celebrate there (night shift). If not, I'll probably stay home and get rest. I don't really like New Year's, and I'd rather watch paint dry than celebrate it. /emo

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I'm meeting some friends and then heading out for a bit then back to one of my mates house's to 'jam it up' and get drunk on the 360!