New WWE Announcers


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I just listened to today's Figure 4 Daily show and there was an item that was quite interesting. You will most likely be aware of the fact WWE are not happy with the announcing right now and are looking for new announcers. Well somebody was at Titan Towers this past day or so apparently looking at getting back in who some may remember from back in the day. Who is it you ask? None other than Sean Mooney.


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At the risk of sounding like a yokel, I don't think I've ever heard of this man. Either that, or I've completely forgotten him. Was he over with the fans?


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Here's Sean...

Do they mean for backstage or at the announce table? I think the ECW and Smackdown teams are very good. Its the RAW one that blows.
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I don't see anything wrong with the announcers currently....I mean sure they're somewhat lacking, but it takes time to nurture that sort of talent when it comes to announcing.