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Wii New Wii Game, Need Gamers Opinions


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Hello! I work for Prestige Corporation which is currently producing a new game for the Wii. We need your advice though. Video games are a billion dollar industry and have a culture all of their own. They also reach out to young people in a way no other media does. And one of the serious problems facing the youth of America is obesity. With fast food outlets like Burger King producing their own games, it is time for the health food industry to fight back. Our task is to design a game for the Nintendo Wii which promotes healthy eating and exercise. We need your advice on aspects of the game. What it should be about, how it should be played, what style video game should it be. Now is your one in a lifetime chance to help work on an video game that will go into production.
Thank You In Advance For Your Help!
Prestige Corperations


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Generally this thread would be considered spam but I'll let it slide for now. Would be nice to see you come back and make some more posts though instead of just using this site as a data mine. :)

Well the very act of gaming usually involves sitting and holding a controller (or in the case of the Wii moving your arms a bit) but really nobody is going to lose weight actually playing the game.

I can't think of how a game could actually promote a healthy lifestyle unless if somehow required you to do things that burned calories which is hard since everything is done digitally.

Maybe recreate DDR with the wii and virtual targets. Like a punching bag or something with targets on it.

One thing that would be cool (but unlikely will ever be done) would be if weight could be added to the Wii-mote for an increased difficulty. Imagine swinging your arms trying to hit targets with a 5 pound weight in your hand. :)

You don't need games for that though. Just a 5 pound dumbbell some open space. :D


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Please dont think of this as Spam! I am not trying to sell a thing! All I am asking is for opinions from people who know games very well. I am not a heavy gamer myself nor or the other members of my ream, so my views or the views from the rest of my team wouldnt really be that great. I am coming to the experts in Video Gaming to get opinions. By giving me your opinions you might just help design the next big video game.

Again all help is appreashated!